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What is WhereWuz?

If you give WhereWuz a time, it will show you on a map the exact place you were at that time. If you give WhereWuz a time range, it will show you on a map the exact path that you took over that time range.

If you give WhereWuz a location, by drawing a rectangle on a map, it will show you the exact dates and times that you were there!


It is amazing how busy your life can be sometimes, and even more amazing is how easy it is to forget that your life is special. With all the rushing around you do from day to day it can be easy to forget those little events that make your life special. No matter how hard you try to remember those little, although important, details; they seem to be locked away forever - unable to be recalled.


  • How many times have you asked yourself:
    • Where exactly was that restaurant we went to on Dad’s birthday?
    • What were the exact dates that I was on that skiing trip in Vail?
    • When was the last time I was in Vegas?
    • How many hours did I spend going to and from work last month?
    • Where did I park my car in this giant parking lot?
    • And a host of other questions regarding your daily travel habits.

Your Cure for Personal Amnesia

What if there was a simple way to find out where you where at any given point of time in the past? How powerful would it be to instantly recall your precise location, the path you traveled, or the distance you covered for any moment of time you specified? Imagine always knowing the
amount of time it took for you get from one location to another. These are just a few of the possibilities WhereWuz makes available to you.


WhereWuz is an unobtrusive, and innovative, GPS application that enables your iPhone or Android mobile device to silently, securely, and accurately store the actual path that you take as you move though life. WhereWuz then allows you to search that path history in very unique
and interesting ways, and then provides you with maps and details of your location and travel routes for your search parameters.
There is little doubt that you will grow to love and depend on the incredibly useful and helpful features of the WhereWuz application.


The places that you go and the times that you are there are unique to you alone. These are the little events that make up your life, do not let these memories be forgotten.