What is WhereWuz?

WhereWuz is innovative software for GPS enabled mobile devices that allow you to silently, securely, and accurately store the actual path that you take as you move though life.  WhereWuz then allows you to search that path history in very unique and interesting ways.


With WhereWuz, you can easily see on a map exactly where you were at any given point in time and you can also easily see exactly when you were at any given place.  Secure and uniquely your own, the data stored by WhereWuz is controlled soley by you at all times and not shared with any others unless you explicitly choose to do so.

Knowing the Power of Where and When

Where was the restaurant that we went to on Fathers Day last year?
What were the exact dates that I went skiing in Vail with my friends?
Where exactly did I park my car in this huge parking lot?
When was the exact time that I arrived and left work every day in July?

What was the exact path that I traveled from Feb 13th to March 6th?

What were the exact dates and times that I was last on the East coast?

What was the total number of miles that I traveled last year?

Where did I leave my keys?

WhereWuz can answer all of these questions and many more!